• Can You Get Free Help?

    Yes, our simple aim is to help people find a new way to live. We offer many different types of free help to people over the age of 25.

  • Our Mentors

    Our mentors are all highly experienced in many different areas of life. They have all made major life changes themselves before helping others transition to happier ways of living,

  • Free Mentoring

    Mentoring is having an experienced person guide you towards a new and better way of life. You meet the mentors at free online webinars and discussion groups.

  • Events

    We hold an open webinar every week. You will be notified of the subject and time when you enrol at the Academy. All students are advised of the weekly subject by email.

Welcome to the Search

The MasterMind Academy is here to help you explore your potential. Then, once you know where your best opportunities lie, our coaches will help you make the most of your abilities.

We use a coaching model to help you because we believe that people learn best when learning is tailored to their situation and relevant to their personal needs.

Why Choose The MasterMind Academy

We believe that every individual needs coaching tailored to their unique requirements. We do not believe in "one-size-fits-all" solutions to the unique challenges that each person faces in life.

We offer you unique and highly personalised ways to explore your potential.

We believe that the hardest task we all face is to find meaningful ways to spend our lives. It is only when we discover what is really meaningful for us that we can devote our full energies to achieving out objectives and experience real fulfilment.

Discover How To Enjoy All Of Your Life

You will discover how to enjoy all of your life when you fully explore your.

What We Believe

These are the Beliefs that drive the MasterMind Academy: Your life should be a fulfilling.

What People Say About Our Coaches

Here is some of the feedback we have received onĀ LinkedInĀ from people whom we have coached..

Big Ideas

Big ideas inspire us and change our lives. When you discover the big idea central.

Our Coaches