Finding a new way to live that will improve the quality of your life can be very challenging. However, if you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your life at present then it is a challenge worth accepting.

When you take on such a challenge the major issue that you face is “the unknown.” And this can be scary and frustrating. In such situations it is good to have a guide who has already travelled along the route to a new life. A guide who can help you to find answers to such questions as: “what should I do?” And, “how can I know it will be any better than what I do now?” And, “where can I do it?” And, “will it provide me with sufficient income?” And, “will that income be secure?” And, “if I move, will there be good schools there? Will we be able to make friends there?” The questions just keep on an on coming and you don’t know the answers.

We call our guides Mentors. All our Mentors offer you free guidance. They are all experienced from both having found new lives for themselves and from having guided many others along their routes to new lives.

The Wisdom That Guides Us

“To be happy you must become what you can become.” Abraham Maslow

“If you do not take charge of your mind other people or events will do it for you.” Duncan McColl

“Take charge of your mind, you can do with it what you will.” Plato

“Dig within, ever dig and you will find.” Marcus Aurelius

“Know thyself.” The Oracle at Delphi

To be happy you must become what you can become.

To become what you can become you must know what you want. Happiness is not an end in itself it results from the pursuit and achievement of your life objective.

To know what you want you need to develop a unique, personal objective based on your abilities, likes, values and beliefs.

Then you need to master your mind to enable you to achieve your objective using your abilities and inspired by your beliefs.

Our objective is to provide you with the learning that will enable you to become what you can become so that you will be happy.

These are the values on which we hold ourselves accountable and that provide the foundations for the Academy’s activities. Here are also the beliefs which inspire us and drive us everyday.


These are the values that underpin our efforts:

Adversity – creates opportunities because it causes changes in the status quo

Altruism – we are all members of one tribe, adding value to the tribe by giving what you’ve got gives meaning to life

Communication – should provide clarity and arouse feelings

Courage – needed to drive forward when encountering challenges

Creativity – needed to generate inspiring visions, find solutions and ways to progress

Decisiveness – the quality that overcomes doubt and shines light forward

Failure – embrace failure, identify the cause, find a solution, take action

Freedom – the essential to allow human beings to express themselves

Goals – give purpose to every activity by defining, clarifying and energising desired outcomes

Happiness – enhances life and increases productivity in all areas of existence

Health (diet/exercise) – healthy people enjoy life more, have greater energy and are more productive

Honesty & Integrity – should underpin all judgements and behaviour

Ideas – ideas enrich lives – big ideas enrich many lives in ways that are meaningful to each individual

Judgement – the requirement for selecting optimum direction

Kaizen – ideas, systems, products and services need constant honing and improvement to reinvigorate their value

Law – without appropriate laws there would be chaos. Laws should be made for the purpose of harmony in the community

Learning – opens doors that add value to life, enhances judgements and illuminates planning

Life – the first essential

Meaning – the driving force for the feeling of fulfilment

Mind Mastery – the essential management tool for making the most of what we have

Persistence – needed to keep going through thick and thin until goals are achieved

Planning – plans should be easy to understand. They should provide clarity and energy for action

Positivity – acts like a compass continually bringing us back on track toward our goals

Speed – once a decision is made act quickly

Testing/Feedback – the only way to know whether you are on the right track to your goal


These are the beliefs that empower and drive us:

Altruism – by helping others for unselfish reasons we give meaning to our lives

Generosity – helping others lifts our sprits

Loving-Kindness – oils relationships and makes our passage through life easier

Wisdom – emanates from an educated mind that has tested knowledge to know that it has value

We Stand Against

Attachment (greed/craving) – demeans the human spirit and create false, unsatisfying goals

Aversion (hatred/anger) – distracts us from noble purposes and disrupt harmonious living

Blame – the inability to shoulder responsibility shows weakness of character

Bullying – the use of force should be resisted passively everywhere

Ignorance (delusion) – poisons lives and hinders people from leading fulfilling lives