About The MasterMind Academy

Our Beliefs:

  • Your life should be a quality experience.
  • Every human being has the potential to enjoy a happy and fulfilling life once they take charge of their mind.
  • Most human beings exercise very little control over their thoughts and emotions and therefore fail to take advantage of life's abundance.
  • To achieve your potential you must first take charge of your mind.
  • Management of your mind is the secret of ending your pain and enjoying a happy and fulfilling life.
  • Mind Management can be a learned skill and anyone can learn to Master their Mind.
  • When you own your mind you can own your life.

Our philosophy has been profoundly influenced by the work of many leaders:

*Richard Bandler *Insoo Kim Berg *Leo Burnett *Susan Cain *Albert Camus *Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi *Carol Dweck *Milton Erickson

*Viktor Frankl *Tim Gallwey *Thich Nhat Hanh *Eugen Herrigel *Claude Hopkins *The Dalai Lama *Tim Laurence *Dr. Maxwell Maltz 

*Newman & Berkowitz *Ken Robinson *Matthieu Ricard *Eckhart Tolle *Martin Seligman and *Sir John Whitmore

What Students Learn

* Your mind is naturally in a state of chaos. It is forever searching. It is like a busy bee buzzing from one thought to another. Never settling on any one subject for long unless you make a conscious effort to focus its attention.

* So unless you take charge of your mind you will always be at the mercy of outside influences. These externals will control you. Your thoughts will be dictated by the media. Your actions will be controlled by your boss. Your feelings will be 

the result of what you see on TV or social media.

* The sad point about this is that when you’re controlled by outside influences your life is not your own.

* So, you could say that one of the greatest challenge you face in life is to take charge of your mind. When you do this you can own your life. That’s why we say: “Own Your Mind - Own Your Life.”

* It is in your mind that you deliberate, calculate, make decisions, set goals, develop strategies and drive yourself to achieve your goals. Your mind is the control centre for your emotions, it therefore provides the energy and self-control that drive you to success.

* We visualise your mind as the administrative centre of your brain. The challenge for all human beings is to become their own Director of Administration so that they can harness the power of their mind.

* We do not believe that there is any single "best way" to become the master of your mind. You are unique, you must find your own way. Our job is to help you explore your potential, decide what you want and then to find ways to use your innate powers to achieve what you want in your life.

* You will learn how to find your own unique way to a happy, rewarding and fulfilling life. 

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How Students Learn

All early stage learning is done by studying the Academy's free videos.

We publish free videos on YouTube most weeks. These videos show techniques for managing many of the most common emotional challenges that act as barriers to our success. These videos cover such topics as: How to Master Anxiety, How to Build Confidence, How to Overcome Fears (phobias), How to be courageous, How to be Happy etc.

As an Enrolled Student you also receive free access to more advanced videos that introduce you to personal development techniques that help you to develop the power of your mind and show you how to manage your emotions.

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Practitioners Course
When you decide that you are ready to break free from a life filled with Stress, Boredom, Anxiety and Frustration and you want to start to live a life in which you feel Relaxed, Confident, well Rewarded and Fulfilled - you should think about signing up for the Practitioners Course.

The Practitioners Course is for Students who want to understand more about how their minds work so that they can gain more direction, clarity and manage of their lives.

The Outcome you will achieve on this course is: You will be able to use your mind to help you lead a happy and more fulfilling life. Students who complete the Course successfully will receive a diploma from The MasterMind Academy.

We do not tell you how to do anything (we do not want to interfere with your uniqueness or try to make you into someone you are not) - rather, we help you to discover the best way for you to do what you decide you want to do.

The subjects covered in the course are:

  • Understanding your mind and how it affects the way you think, feel and behave.
  • Understanding your self, your strengths and abilities and how to leverage them.
  • Learn how you operate yourself so that you can get the best out of yourself.
  • Deciding on a direction in life that will allow you to feel relaxed, confident and fulfilled.
  • Making a plan for how you will achieve your goals whether employed or self-employed.
  • You learn to live in a state of flow so that achieving your goals becomes easier.
  • You build a network to support you on your journey.
  • You develop the motivation and determination to keep going until you create the life you want.

This is a video based distance learning course enhanced by live video tutorials.

Coach Course

"Coaches don't ask questions to diagnose, like doctors. Coaches ask questions to get their clients to self-explore - to help them to find their own way." David Ferrers

The Coach Course is a 7-day residential course for Practitioners who want to learn how to coach themselves and others to achieve a happy and fulfilling life. This course can only taken by those who have completed the Practitioner Course and received their Diploma.

The Outcome you will achieve on this course is: You will be capable of coaching other people to:

  • Find direction in their lives
  • Develop strategies for achieving their goals
  • Understand how their minds work
  • Take charge of their minds
  • Become better managers of their emotions
  • Be able to direct their emotions to provide the energy to help them to succeed
  • Use language effectively
  • Use their body effectively

Students will also learn:

  • The essential differences between coaching and training, and coaching and therapy
  • How to coach
  • How to build an effective coaching relationship with a client
  • How to actively listen to your own mind and that of your client
  • How to use stories
  • How to interrupt and intervene
  • How to motivate clients
  • How to market your services to build a client base

The MasterMind Academy requires trainers in every country. Our trainers need to be highly skilled coaches who have received their MasterMind Academy Practitioner Diploma, completed the MasterMind Academy Coach Course and also acted as Assistants on Practitioner and Coach Courses. 

The requirements for becoming a MasterMind Academy Trainer are rigorous and highly dependent on your belief in the benefits of the work carried out by The MasterMind Academy. (We do not hire professional trainers.)

If you are interested in becoming a MasterMind Academy Trainer you should advise us once you have received your Practitioner Diploma.

About the Founder

David had spent the previous 25 years coaching managers in large multi-national corporations. He coached to improve their performance in leadership, management, inter-personal skills and communication skills.

David has also coached professional golfers, actors, career change seekers, small business people, entrepreneurs and coaches.

Before becoming a coach David was CEO of a Marketing Agency. Prior to that he worked as a senior executive in major International Advertising Agencies.

The Academy started life in 1995 in the early years of our Chief Coach's coaching career .