Big ideas inspire us and change our lives.

When you discover the big idea central to your life it will act like a magnet that draws you to constantly refine and hone your efforts to fulfil your purpose. It is this effort that gives meaning to your life. It also enables you to feel a wonderful sense of fulfilment.

Big ideas come from our imagination. They are born in your intuition. It is also your intuition that will promote the belief that this is the right big idea for you.

Sometimes we do not recognise the big idea that is our purpose. We can go for years failing to recognise the inner force that is driving our actions. Unless we carry out an audit of our beliefs and values our inspiration is likely to remain hidden from us.

The Problem of Hidden Habits

How can it be possible for anyone to not know what is driving them?

The simple answer is that all human beings are creatures of habit. For most of our lives we run on autopilot. It is these autopilots that allow you to carry out most of your daily tasks without the need for any conscious thought.

In fact we spend very little of our time thinking.

Most of the time we simply behave according to our habitual way of doing things, or we obey our intuition, or we do what someone else suggests we should do. It is only on rare occasions that we stop to think, to set a clear objective, to work out an inspiring plan of action. Such thinking takes up too much time and it is hard work.

So most of the time we prefer not to think and “not thinking” becomes a habit.

It is only when some inspiring objective enters our lives that we suddenly become energised to think. Do you recall how diligently you planned your last vacation? Or how carefully you considered what outfit you should wear for a wedding? Or how thoughtfully you planned for a dinner party? In each of these instances your actions were energised by the vacation, the wedding, the dinner party – these events were in fact Big Ideas that inspired you. They had the power to override your habit of not thinking.

How to Discover Your Big Idea

You have probably tried to discover some way of living that will overcome your feeling of inner frustration and allow you to feel a sense of fulfilment.

You may well of investigated different types of jobs that might offer you more opportunities. You might have considered upping sticks and moving to another location that seems to offer a better way of life.

But your searches are likely to have born little fruit. The reason is simple. The answer does not lie outside of you – the answer lies within. The Roman philosopher, poet and Emperor Marcus Aurelius advised us to: “dig within, ever dig and you will find.”

However digging into ourselves is difficult. We encounter barriers formed by our existing ways of thinking, our entrenched beliefs and ingrained habits. These barriers make it difficult for us see clearly what really matters to us.

Adversity frequently gives rise to a desperate need for a new survival strategy. In times of war some men discover hidden wells of courage and leadership. Redundancy can force people to change careers. The loss of a life partner can cause the surviving partner to develop new skills to support those who depend on them.

However without the impulsion of adversity a good way to move forward is to search with the aid of another, supportive mind. The role of a coach is to open up your thinking and help you to identify the Big Idea that is truly meaningful for you.

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