Be An Achiever

At this short workshop you will delve deep within yourself until you recognise all the good points about yourself that make you uniquely valuable.

Your strengths, abilities, values and beliefs will be uncovered and used to enable you to find real purpose and meaning in your life.

You will see, possibly for the first time, the value in the stories you tell yourself all the time. And you will learn how those stories disempower you but also, more importantly, what they tell you about yourself and who you would really love to be.

The aim of you attending this workshop is that you should find a fulfilling and rewarding way to live your life.

How Be An Achiever coaching will change your life

  1. You will discover what you’re really good at – therefore where your greatest earning potential lies.
  2. You will discover what activities give you real joy – therefore how you can earn well with little stress.
  3. You will explore your values and place them in a hierarchy – this will ensure that you move on with purpose.
  4. You will explore your beliefs and place them in a hierarchy – this will release your natural enthusiasm and on-going energy to succeed.

By the end of this group coaching you should have a clear, attainable direction for your life. You will also have a plan to make your life goal a reality.

The Advantages of Online Group Coaching

You get the wisdom and guidance of an experienced coach at a greatly reduced price.

You also benefit from the life experiences of your fellow delegates who provide added insights and ideas to help you progress more quickly.

You will gain a great feeling of altruism from the experience of helping your fellow delegates. This often proves to be a great revelation to delegates.

A No-cost Way to Start Your Journey

We understand that you may feel hesitant about committing to working with total strangers. Therefore we invite you to attend one of our open-to-all events where you will have the opportunity to listen to and meet some of our coaches. All you have to do is  enrol free as a MasterMind Academy student and we will send you details of the next available event. You can enrol here.

To Be An Achiever

The Be An Achiever course will run for 12 weekly 2-hour sessions and costs only £10 a week. You will work in a group of up to 10 clients. To register to receive advance notification about the Be An Achiever course please leave your name and email on our Contact form with the words “Be An Achiever” in the subject line. You will then be notified as soon as the course is opened for booking. Click here to register for Be An Achiever.


David Ferrers, the Academy Chief Coach is a Communication, Leadership and Achievement coach. David has been a professional coach for over 25 years. He works mainly with managers in large corporations. Clients are based in the UK, USA and India. David has a strong belief that many people are held back by the life stories they keep telling themselves about themselves. Once these stories are rewritten so as to emphasise a person’s positive achievements their talents become clear. They can then feel good about themselves and move on to achieve their purpose in life.