Career Development

To enjoy a rewarding career it is essential that you find fulfilment in your work. The MasterMind Academy Career Development course has been specially tailored to the needs of people who wish to develop their careers by one of three routes:

  1. To advance within the organisation where they are currently employed.
  2. To continue in the same type of employment but with another employer.
  3. To change courses and seek a different form of employment that offers greater rewards and fulfilment.

This is what client Clare Collins said about her work with MasterMind Academy coach Simon Scantlebury:

I contacted Simon around 6 months ago, having reached a plateau point in my career, and feeling that I would very soon become one of those Heads of Product who end up either burning out or losing their edge, and worrying that I would end up having to take a step back or down the career ladder to make room for fresher talent (like so many highly qualified and experienced candidates what I had interviewed for roles in my own team).

Although I found Simon via a Google search as opposed to via a recommendation (at the time I wasn’t aware of any colleagues who were working with a coach) I decided to take a chance and booked an initial FOC consultation with him.  This initial session was as much about Simon getting to know me and figuring out whether we could work together as it was about me deciding whether I wanted to use his services.

I knew from very early on in the meeting that we would be able to work together.  We instantly built a trust and a rapport where I felt that I could be really be honest about what I wanted out of life. What helped was Simon involving my family in conversation from the outset (partner, children, and in my case an overenthusiastic dog) – this is a key part of the process with Simon and has continued through our meetings which are usually at my home.

I won’t delve into the details of the process Simon takes his clients through, but suffice to say it is thorough, searching, challenging and rewarding.  Like so many of Simon’s other clients, I’ve ended up making quite a bold career move that I just wouldn’t have had the nerve to do otherwise, which in my case has been less about an big immediate next step with a massive salary increase, and more about a move that is going to help me evolve ‘ develop and take my career to the next level and ultimately maximise my long term earning potential (in my case it’s a sideways move within my current company into a B2B Sales role).

As an aside, I’ve also had feedback from my boss (a board level Director) that the process I’ve gone through over the past 6 months, which I’ve openly and enthusiastically involved him in at points, has been the most impressive piece of self-improvement / career development he’s seen undertaken in his career, and that is largely thanks to the path that Simon has encouraged me to take.

Thanks Simon for investing your time in me.  Here’s to the future!

Clare Collins

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David Ferrers, the Academy Chief Coach is a Communication, Leadership and Achievement coach. David has been a professional coach for over 25 years. He works mainly with managers in large corporations. Clients are based in the UK, USA and India. David has a strong belief that many people are held back by the life stories they keep telling themselves about themselves. Once these stories are rewritten so as to emphasise a person’s positive achievements their talents become clear. They can then feel good about themselves and move on to achieve their purpose in life.