Your first task in life is to find your purpose. It is the pursuit of our unique purpose that gives meaning to life.

Once you discover what gives meaning to your life you will experience a surge of inspiration that will direct and energise you.

The role of your mentor is to help you find your purpose and your way of being. We then work to help you to tear down the habit and belief barriers that inhibit you. We help you develop a plan for the achievement of your purpose. And finally we help you to keep going until you achieve your potential.

Here are some of the mentors who will help you to Find A New Way To Live.

David Ferrers, our Chief Mentor is a Communication, Leadership and Achievement coach. David has been a professional mentor and coach for over 25 years. He works mainly with managers in large corporations. Clients are based in the UK, USA and India. David has a strong belief that many people are held back by the life stories they keep telling themselves about themselves. Once these stories are rewritten so as to emphasise a person’s positive achievements their talents become clear. They can then feel good about themselves and move on to achieve their purpose in life.

Clare Evans is a Time Management and Productivity Mentor and Coach. She works with individuals, business owners and teams, providing a practical, solution based approach. From dealing with your calendar, email or to-do list, to achieving your bigger picture business, personal and life goals. Proven strategies to enable you to prioritise the important over the urgent, helping you to reduce your stress, manage your overwhelm and create a calmer, more productive business and personal life.

Alex Jacob, NLP Coach and Entrepreneur Mentor, specialises in developing clients’ Neuro Linguistic Programming abilities and growing small businesses.



George Metcalfe, Mentor and Life Coach, specialises in closing the gap between where you are now and where you’d like to be. In the last 25 years George has mentored and coached more than 2,500 clients, both privately and corporately. He has, in essence, been mentoring and coaching all his life. He has worked in over 30 countries, running businesses and advising corporations, political and business leaders, governments, sports teams and members of the public. Today he mentors and coaches clients internationally and locally making use of Skype, WhatsApp TV and Zoom. 

Andy Nathan is a Holistic Mentor and Coach focused on supporting you to work out how to get out of your own way.  Andy specialises in creating an environment which allows you to fully express yourself, be seen and heard.  Become curious about the stories you hold about yourself and the world.  You can take a compassionate look at habits, patterns and ways you play small or hide in your life.  With this curiosity you can figure out which stories, values and beliefs elevate and motivate you, and which keep you stuck, feeling guilty, afraid of failure, sabotaging opportunities and beating yourself up. Andy is also yoga teacher specialising in Svadhyaya yoga.

Stephanie Satriawan provides a spacious, creative thinking environment to make change happen. Specialising in building resilience and confidence, Stephanie specifically works with women who are at pivotal points in their career and relationships. She supports women to find their voice, and grow in confidence to move past their fears and self doubt and reach their personal and professional potential.